April 15, 2008

It’s finally spring time!  The trees are budding and you don’t need your space suit to go outside anymore.  I was excited to see lots of green when i was walking to school this morning, so naturally i took pictures.  I saw a rabbit yesterday, but didn’t have my camera!

Danny has his PhD Qualifying exam today.  It started at 4pm, so be wishing him luck.  I think he’ll be fine. 

With my thesis done, i have been catching up on my scrap-booking and piano practice.  With any luck, the wedding and honeymoon scrapbooks will done in time to take the family reunion. 




April 10, 2008

The Thesis is complete!  I have it approved by everyone and now it just needs to be deposited with the graduate college tomorrow.  This is very exciting!

Check out My Thesis in all its Glory!

Or if you prefer to skip the 60 pages of text go for the picture-filled My Thesis Presentation!

Hooray for Thesis completion!

Thesis and a Job

April 4, 2008

Today is a big day!  I have my thesis in a pretty much finished form.  I’d post it, but i want to wait until all the editting and formatting is done by the professionals in the publications office.  I’m very excited to be pretty much finished with that!

I also accepted my job with Ameren today.  I’ll starting working there on June 2nd.  I think it will be an interesting job, and i’ll get some useful experience from it.  I’ve never worked for a company where electricity is the business not just a necessary evil, so it should be pretty cool. 


March 25, 2008

Danny and I had a nice Easter.  I sang “Glorious Morning” at church, and Danny even played hand bells!  We went to lunch, and had a nice afternoon.  That is until about 8:30.  I was on the phone with my mom, he was on the phone with his.  He was walking to the study, when *BANG, Snap!* stubbed his down on the sofa.  I mostly ignored him, thinking he’d be fine.  Eventually i take a look at the toe and discover it looks like this:


I’m sure everyone wanted to see that picture, but it doesn’t really capture the amazing angle that the toe was bent.  I took him to the ER where we waited and waited, until the x-rayed it and found that he’d broken the bone in his toe kitty corner, straight through.  The bones shifted giving it that cool angle.  They taped it to his other toe and told him to see a podiatrist soon.  We saw one yesterday and they popped his toe back into place and put him on serious pain killers.  Hopefully he’ll be all better in about 3 weeks.  Until then though, he’s in a stiff soled shoe and currently on crutches! 

Happy Easter!!

March 21, 2008

Happy Easter!!  Here’s an Easter giggle!


Status Update

March 20, 2008

Spring break is coming to a close, but sadly, Danny and I didn’t really take a spring break this year.  Danny is working on getting ready for his Quals next month and I have been furiously writing my thesis.  I have about 15 pages now with a few sections undone.  I hope to have everything that can be written completed by the end of the weekend.  If i didn’t have a fierce homework due Tuesday it’d be an easy goal, but I think I still have a good shot.  I promise to post a final version of the thesis as soon as its done. 

 This summarizes my spring break:


Commercial Holiday?

March 11, 2008

So, I an ad email from Amazon in my inbox today: “Happy (almost) St. Patrick’s Day!”  Following the shamrock studded headline, they list gift items for him, her, friends, whatever.  Since when is St. Patrick’s a gift giving holiday?  Someone explain that one to me please.  Last time I checked, it was just the day of the year you got to pinch your siblings and friends if they weren’t wearing green and you parents couldn’t fuss at you too much.  I have a screen shot of the stupid ad below.  What nonsense!


Lion or Lamb?

March 4, 2008

I am not sure what to think of the month of March.  March 1st was beautiful.  It was 65 degrees, the sun was shining, being outside was pure joy!  Spring had sprung at last!

Today, March 4th, the clouds opened and unleashed every form of precipitation except for hail.  I walked to class today thinking today was variety day: any kind of precipitation you wanted was on the menu.  Thank goodness I had a hood on my coat to shield my face from the stinging sleety snowy rainy mix that was falling!

So the question is, did March come in like a lion or a lamb?  I think on this was we can all agree that the lion and lamb entered together just to make us wonder.

What a frustrating week!

February 29, 2008

Well it seems like just about everything has gone wrong this week!

First, we found out that our nice old station wagon (a ’97 mercury sable) has a bad engine.  There is a pressure leak from the cylinders into the cooling system, which could be caused by a leaky/blown head gasket.  We spoke with the mechanic who worked on the car this morning, and he is going to find out how much it will cost us to put a new engine in the car since that’s about the only option.  I am so sad to see the station wagon go, I really like that car.  So now we’re looking at what kind of car we might like to purchase and when.  We get along pretty well with just one car (my mustang) and with winter on the way out, we’ll probably be okay with just that car for a while.

My laptop also took a beating this week, though it looks like its not dead, just in a coma.  Thinkpad is sending me a new hard disc for the laptop and hopefully that will fix my problem.  It’s been a frustrating process getting to the point where they are sending me the HD though. 

The good news is that I got some interesting research results this week.  The new model is based on Biot-Savart law and matches a closed for solution really well.  Here are some cool graphs:

plate currents
This one shows how random currents are distrbuted on a metal plate

Magnetic Field
And this one shows the field that they generate a point above the metal place.
Pretty cool 🙂


February 18, 2008

I’d rather remodel the bathroom, but since all i can do is redecorate living in an apartment complex, that is what i have done! It was part of my Valentine’s Day present.  I found most of the sink containers at BBB at an awesome clearance sale.  The rest of it (including the rugs) are from linens ‘n things who was having a big sale this week.  It still needs a new garbage bin and a new piece of art work (Finding Nemo with its blue frame doesn’t match anymore), but it’s mostly done.