Holy Toledo Batman! A new post!

So, if i counted all the posts I’ve started since my last one back in… November… it would be a double digit number.

I’m really going to post this one, even if it’s only half finished.

I just finished a long bit of travel.  In three weeks, I went to Washington DC, Southern Arizona, and Irvine, CA.  The really sad part is that I was totally sick for the Arizona trip, which was arguably the most fun.  I went out to see some solar panels at Fort Huachuca, which is only 16 miles from Tombstone and Bisbee.  So, once I’d seen the panels, I got to go on a western movie tour.  Pictures will be up soon… I hope.

I presented my first paper in California.  That was totally nerve wracking.  Everyone tells me it went well, I just hope they are telling me the truth.  The paper was on the fuel cell locomotive I’ve been working on since i started at CERL back in June. 

I also managed to see family on two of these trips.  I spent an evening with my Uncle Bill and Aunt Hanna in DC.  Uncle Bill took me to the new part of the Air and Space museum by Dulles airport, which was really cool.  Its a huge hanger full of old planes.  Highly recommend it and wish I’d more time to explore it.  I also saw my cousins in LA while i was in California.  Bill, Stephanie, and their baby Aiden made sure I didn’t eat by myself while I was at the concert and I had a great time meeting Aiden.  Again, hopefully, some pictures coming soon, though my battery was dead while I was in DC. 

Now, the next trip I have scheduled is to Seattle in mid March.  I’ll beware the ides while I fly.  Anyone going to be around?


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