Phoenix and Fuel Cells

My most recent trip took me to Phoenix, AZ for the Fuel Cell Seminar and Exposition.  It was a really interesting week.  I think the entire fuel cell industry (well almost) at least shows up at this event.  Though, the coolest part (and the only part with pictures) was a Ride-and-Drive event with several fuel cell cars.  Honda, Mercedes, GM, Toyota, and Hyundai all brought fuel cell vehicles to the seminar and let us seminar-attendees drive them!  I’ve put pictures up on Picasa of me in the cars as proof.  They were really cool cars, and incredible quiet.  The only “engine” noise you could hear in any of the cars was a soft whir from the air compressor.  My pick for best in show was the Honda FX Clarity.  It handled great and had tons of power.  The GM Fuel Cell Equinox was a close second.  The Honda could get 280 miles on only 4kg of hydrogen!  The GM had a range of 180 miles on 4kg.  So if you live in southern CA and have $600 to drop on a monthly car least, you should consider the Honday Clarity. 


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