Business Travel

So,  I’m doing a lot of travel for work this month.  Even though it keeps me away from home and i don’t get to use my own bed and shower and all that, not to mention that i’m really awful at living out of the suit case, i think it will be pretty fun.  For one think, i get to read lots and lots of books.  I just finished Water for Elephants  by Sara Gruen and it was an amazing book.  I also just finished the first in Stephanie Meyers Twight series.  I have to go pick up the second one tomorrow.  That book i read in less than 24 hours… Pretty crazy for someone who reads as slow as i do.  I think Danny is starting to really contemplate forcing me to the library rather than the bookstore.  hehe. 

There are also a few things i like about travelling.  First, you get to turn the AC really really cold.  Then, when you stay at a Hilton with these delicious feather comforters, you can snuggle down under one and sleep like a baby.  I also like it when i get to go really cool place.  For instance, I just returned from Disney World!  I was at a conference on Space Based Solar Power (which is exactly what is sounds like and really is that crazy) and i got to visit the park while i was in town.  Below is my awesome video of the fireworks at Cinderella’s castle!  I’m going to New Jersey on Tuesday for a much more dull and shorter trip.  Then I have a couple weeks off before i go to Phoenix.  I think a trip to Topeka, KS will get thrown into my two weeks off though.  Sad. 

Anyway, enjoy the video and the photos i put on picasa of the Disney Adventure.  I have to admit, though it was really fun, it would be more fun with company!!



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