Yikes! It’s Hurricane Ike!

So, this weekend our parents both met hurricane Ike up close and personal.  I’ve put their pictures up in the picasa albums, so you’ll see that damage near them mostly includes downed trees and some missing shingles.  They were really lucky and blessed to be out of the worst part of the storm.  As of today, both sets of parents have electricity back.  My parents volunteered at our church’s Red Cross shelter last night and cut up a downed tree in the back yard today.  It looks like everything will go back to normal for them on Wednesday.

That is not the case for people closer to the coast and on Galveston island.  They need all your prayers while they wait to begin to rebuild or relocate.  For the really dramatic pictures you can check Houston local news: www.khou.com or www.click2houston.com .  Both have lots and lots of slide shows and videos.

Sunday up here was pretty exciting when we got Ike’s tropical depression remnants.  It was windy and rainy and awful Sunday morning.  Our church’s roof was leaking all over the choir loft, which forced last minute changes to the service… And this morning i discovered that my office had leaked and my carpet was very smelly!  The offending carpet tiles have been removed to dry… I hope to have wall to wall carpet restored tomorrow ;-).  We have some cool pictures of the pond here at the apartment that i will post once i have normal pictures for comparison :-).



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