Wisconsin Weekend

We had lots of fun over the weekend visiting our friends Mitch, Travis, and Kimbie in Madison Wisconsin!  The last time I visited up there it was very very cold and the beautiful lakes that boarder the city were frozen solid.  This trip was very different and we discovered that Madison is really a very nice place in the summer. 

Our friends took us up to a lake outside the city and we hiked around it Sunday morning.  There are some pictures of the hike in the picasa album.  Here’s one of my favorites:


The Devils Door

The Devils Door

It was a very fun weekend trip and an excellent way to use a long weekend.  

In other news…
I am totally torn over what curtain rods to use.  I bought the two different styles below.  The twisty ones are only a single rod, while the silver ones are double rods.  Now, I just can’t decide if i want to hang only sheers or something just slightly more opaque or if i want a layered look on the double rods.  I’m really conflicted. any votes?


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