I have haven’t written here in forever!  I bet i don’t have a single reader left, but i guess that’s okay. 

Well, since Rex joined us, lots of stuff has happened!
1.  I started work for the Army Corps of Engineers.  I am working in group that installs and tests fuel cells and other renewable technology at various installations around the country.  Pretty exciting.  I was already part of a war game at Fort Irwin, CA.  There are a few pictures from it in the picasa web album.  I really enjoy my new job and I think its a good job for me. 

2.  We’ve been married for a WHOLE YEAR!  WOW!  That happened fast.  We still really like being married.  Its way cool to live with your best friend. 

3.  We’ve moved!  We finally got tired of our noise upstairs neighbors, so we moved (not far) to a nice apartment complex and an upstairs apartment.  my favorite thing about can be seen in the picture….all the wonderful WINDOWS!!!!
I finally got all the box out of the living and dining room this week while Danny was in CA for a conference, so it looks more homey in here.  The only thing that i think really makes me sad in the new place is the smaller cabinet space in kitchen.  Its a nice kitchen.. just a little less space in the cabinets than at the last place.  Ah well, everything else about it MUCH better.

So that’s what’s been happening around here.  In less significant news, we saw out first demolition derby which was interesting and kinda fun, but really really LOUD!  We also went to the state fair in Springfield, IL which was pretty fun.  We saw the Lincoln presidential library/museum while we where there along with the old capital building where he served in the state legislature.  The library had some of the coolest theatres we’d ever seen.  One of them was a holographic theatre and for all my nerd friends out there it was like being in the sickbay on Voyager.  haha.

Well, that’s it for now.  I promise to try to update more frequently!


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