It’s already May?

Wow!  I can’t believe that its already May!  I am graduating with my masters on May 11th, my 24th birthday was April 28, and we’re getting a new car on May 13th.  What an eventful few weeks. 

The last day of classes for this semester was Wednesday, but my last class (and Danny’s) was on Tuesday.  Neither of us have any finals, so we’re really pretty much done.  My parents are coming up here on May 9th for graduation and we’re going to spend a couple days seeing Chicago before coming back to Champaignfor commencement.  Danny decided not to walk and save all the glory for his PhD graduation in a few years.  We’re going home with my parents on the 12th and (hopefully) picking up the new car in Houston on May 13th.  After that the plans are a bit fuzzier.  We’re hoping to see his grandparents who live down on the boarder and visit Mexico for some shopping and tasty food.  Melissa lives down there too, so I’ll see her also if we make it down there.  I really hope that fits into the plans. 

Oh, and thank you to everyone for making my birthday great!  I had so many messages and calls!  Thanks guys, i felt very special!


One Response to “It’s already May?”

  1. Steve Says:

    Congratulations on your masters degree!!!! I know what you are feeling, because I will be graduating with my masters degree on May 10 (although I am not able to go to Lynchburg, VA to walk in commencement).

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